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Kodak Black – Killin It


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Kodak Black – Killin It Lyrics

[Intro: Kodak Black] SKRT, SKRT, SKRT
My nigga, (?), Johnny
(Polo Boy Shawty on the track, so I am killin’ it!)

[First Verse: Kodak Black] Kodak, I’m so sick I be illin’ it (ew)
I come with that swag, and they be feelin’ it
Youngest nigga in the building, how I get in it? (Get in here.)
The DJ fuck with Kodak, he be spinnin’ it
Coudn’t never save my money, I kept spendin’ it
On silly shit, just wilin’, bein’ ignorant
Now I’m flippin’ it, and doin’ tricks with it
Gettin’ money, I just keep on gettin’ it
Kodak moment, when I come through they be filmin’ it
You niggas fam and them, I ain’t no friend to them
My homie Shade and I, I call him Eminem
Flies everywhere, oh I be killin’ em
Lil Kodak on the beat, that’s why you listenin’
I got gold all on my teeth, yeah, they be glistenin’
Swimmin’ in the money, yous a fisherman?
Kodak bop and SKRT SKRT, I be stickin’ it
My nigga Jam, he in a predicament
I gave her the boot, just call me Timberland
You a hatin’ nigga, I pulled up adrenaline
Told her give me head first, cause I’m a gentleman
All I do spaz, I keep doin’ it
I’m finessin’ for the cash, I’m maneuverin’ it
Sorry, baby, I can’t be your Superman
I keep my K’s up, call me Kunta K
Catch me gettin’ two of them Benz, goin’ super saiyan
Free my nigga Cool, free lil Cool and them
Free my nigga Polo Pool, free Soo Woo and them
T-Bird done went down, he brung the crew with him
I be slidin’ on my lonely, I be coolin’ it
I’m glad I’m in the coupe, cause only two can fit
Young Money on them flockas, and he losin’ it
Bam on them flockas, on that stupid shit
I’m all about my guala, stick and move and shit
You is just a groupie, you a bougie bitch
I don’t like you, I just like the way yo booty sit
Told her move, get out the way, call me Ludacris
Oh yeah, I’m smoother than some lubricant
Don’t go there, cause I don’t wanna shoot a bitch



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