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On & On – Uncle Murda


On & On – Uncle Murda Lyrics

[Jeremih] Baby ride with me
I just want you to know
I cut all them girls all for you
And ma I want to spoil you…

[Uncle Murder] She the baddest bitch on the planet
Badder than Beyonce’ Halle and Janet
See for once, she like girls
We laid up she telling me to invite girls
No seven, eights or nines
When me and her menage we only deal with dimes
Bring em’ in kick em’ out she know I don’t love em’
I don’t go behind her back and try to fuck em’
For her I would kick bitches to the curb
She don’t got kids but treat mines like they hers
I believe it when she say she love me
She know me
She know what to cook when I say I’m hungry
Used to treat her bad then I got it right
Almost lost her, Mayweather Medina fight
That make up sex messed up her make up
So good she forgot why we was gon’ break up

[Chorus] [Jeremih] You know me from way back I
Can’t lie to you that’s a fact right
Still fuck with me when I don’t act right
You call when you need that pipe

It goes on & on, on and on with you baby
It goes on & on, on and on with you yeah…

It don’t get no better, don’t get no better, get no better than you X2

[50 Cent] Okay I’ma say she crazy
She say he crazy
You know the kinda crazy you need baby
You should just give me the right time
I send you the flight time
Show you round New York
We could sit down and talk
I’ma overachiever
I’ll make you a believer
Or you make me a believer
Then I’ll feel like I need ya
I’d done dealt with some dumb bitches
Some beautiful bum bitches
Flyest shit they got
Is some shit that I gave em’
It’s nothing
That check I’ma run it up, run it up
Due to I felt like I done, done enough
With one life to live we’ve got to live it up
Go one step in the crib you got to give it up
Stop with the kissing, proceed to the touching
Graduate to fellatio
Then climax fucking
Sweat on your body private party is written here
No VIP ain’t got shit on shit here
Baby yeah…

[Chorus] [Uncle Murder] Baby ride with me
Be Bonnie & Clyde with me
I’ll cut all them girls all for you
They jealous of how I spoil you
They dm’ing and calling you
Damn them bitches stalking you
Mad I don’t want to kick it with them
They miss how I used to give it to them

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